So, date three with Match1 is all set for next week. We’re going to see “A Wrinkle in Time” at the drive-in. (He learned on the last date that I’ve never been and was mildly appalled.)

Here’s the deal. You know what they say about the third date, right? I certainly do.

The third date is the time to broach a very important and deeply personal topic. So, I did. Yes, I initiated The Discussion, asking one of the most important questions one person ask can another.

*deep breath*

How do you take your popcorn?

How to you take your popcornWait. Was that not what you expected? Where is your mind, my friend!

This is important stuff! Popcorn is life. Or at least dinner. Sometimes breakfast. (Right, Karen?)

For the record, popcorn is n “if” for Match1. Not an inevitability like it is for me. And he prefers butter or white cheddar seasoning.

I can work with that.

I like real butter if I’m making the popcorn myself, but I’m not a fan of movie theater butter-flavored oil. At the theater, I go with plain and sometimes as the white cheddar seasoning. (White cheddar can do no wrong IMHO.) If I’m buying a pre-popped bag because I don’t feel like firing up the stove, I live movie theater butter flavor (weird, right?) or white cheddar.

That’s about as simple as Sally ordering apple a la mode, right?

As Sally said later in the movie, “I like it like I like it.”

FWIW, heated popcorn is fantastic!

So, Tuesday night. All that’s left to decide now is whether we’ll take Bella of The Smurf.

Well, I guess there is one more question.

Stay tuned.

PS Match1 got a kick out of my blog. Yes, I shared it. I have nothing to hide. I even asked him to write a guest post.