I’m baaack!

OK, you got me. Technically I was never really gone. I did, however, take an extended hiatus from blogging.

If you know me at all — IRL, online or both — you might remember my stint as the Energizer Keep Going Blogger for the 2010 Komen 3-Day. Wait. What do you mean you don’t remember? How can you not remember everything I’ve done in my life? All the blood (blisters), sweat and tears that went into that endeavor What do you mean you have a life of your own, and it does not revolve around me? What is wrong with you?

Clearly, I’m kidding. But back then I had a blog called Cats 3-Day Adventure, and I went by the handle @fatgirlwalkin on Twitter.

I met some amazing people that year, people I call friends even though I’ve never met most of them in person. It truly was an amazing experience.

I’m taking on a new, albeit less altruistic, enterprise now, one I initially had no intention of sharing. With anybody. Ever. But that seemed potentially self-defeating, so I started debating with myself. You can imagine how that went. I can talk myself into it and out of it in the same mental conversation. Sounds just like me, right?

I ultimately landed on sharing my new adventure. Nobody benefits from this one. Nobody but me.

But more on that later.

First things first. A name for this new blog.

What’s in a name?

William Shakespeare might not put much stock in names.

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

No disrespect to Shakespeare, but I think names say quite a bit.

I started with something simple, flexible and to the point — ByCat.com.

Dot-com names, particularly short ones, can be hard to come by these days so I did not really expect it to be available. But a girl can hope, right? Imagine my shock to find out that ByCat.com is available! (Or was at the time of this writing.) It could be mine for a mere $2,295 for the first year with a $14.99 renewal after that.


Totally affordable right? Yeah. Um, no.



I was fairly certain this one would be taken. There are many of us fabulously flawed folks out there. We are legion!
Another surprise! Available. Up for auction, actually. Current bid: $1,895.


Nope. Moving on. I need a clever blog title.

That’s it! CleverBlogTitle.com!

Apparently I’m not the only clever one to think of this. “Jaime writes about whatever” on CleverBlogTitle.com. Who knew? Clearly she is more clever than I seeing as she beat me to the blog. By nearly three years.



This is my favorite, I think. Every emotion I have seems to be tied to my tear ducts. When I get angry, I cry. Frustrated? Cry. You name it, I cry. And then I get annoyed with myself that I’m crying. Guess what happens. More tears! It’s truly a vicious circle.

Dr. Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander in TNT’s “Rizzoli and Isles“) explained it perfectly in an episode in which she was trying not to cry. And failing. (Watch the clip here. It’s about 2:20 in.)

“I’m trying not. It’s just that my amygdala and my lacrimal gland have a connection that I can’t really control.”

Yup. That about sums me up.

My mom laughed when I ran StupidLacrimalGlands.com by her. I went ahead and registered it thinking I might have had an accidental stroke of genius.

But StupidLacrimalGlands.com requires kind of a lot of explaining, and not everybody watches “Rizzoli and Isles.” Nor do they appreciate the endearing nerdiness of Maura Isles or my own slightly wrong sense of humor.

Consider it plan B. Or maybe a section in this new blog. We’ll see.

I considered using a domain I already have registered. Yes, I have several registered domains. (I’m a nerd.) And all of them had/have/will have a specific purpose.
There are, however, a few that might work.

MeetTheGirlyGeek.com or The GirlyGeek.com

All good domains, but not really what I think about when I consider this particular project. None of them rings quite right.


One pair of kitty shoes. They are part of a litter.

So, I started thinking about how people know me. That’s what was tumbling around in my head when I turned on a very cute movie called “Confessions of a Shopaholic” (practically a self-help movie for me). And it came to me. Isla Fisher’s Rebecca Bloomwood was “The Girl in the Green Scarf.” I am the chick with kitty shoes.

And my new blog was born.

So, what’s this adventure I so subtly mentioned earlier? That’s for another post. I’ve written it over and over in my head, but I have not yet summoned the courage to let the words out into the wild.

Baby steps, right?

All I can tell you right now is that there is no culminating event like there was with my 3-Day adventure. The only similarities between that adventure and this is both involve long-term commitments and both had specific goals. One a bit more specific than the other.

Please bear with me as I put on my big girl pants and prepare to open myself to all kinds of things — good and bad.

I’ll elaborate next time. Promise.

P.S. For those few of you who know and those of you who have guessed, no spoilers please. And let me just nip this in the bud: I am not pregnant.